Chelsea Clinton to divorce Marc Mezvinsky?

Chelsea Clinton wants to annul her marriage, the National Enquirer reports. Husband Marc Mezvinsky recently quit his banking job to ski in Wyoming.

Though family sources deny any marital discord, the the National Enquirer reports the Chelsea and Marc fought because Chelsea wants to start a family.

Indeed, at Davos last week, Bill Clinton said he hoped to be a grandmother. He said Hilary Clinton wanted to be a grandmother more than she wanted to be president.

If they split up, it wouldn’t be surprising if Bill Clinton got angry. Chelsea and Marc married last summer in a fairytale wedding that cost US$5 million.

Now that her marriage is in trouble, will Chelsea be portrayed as a strong, resilient woman or be mocked for falling into the same trap as her mother?

clinton final Chelsea Clinton to divorce Marc Mezvinsky? (Next Media Animation TV)

  • Poll27

    He is a ski bum and living off her money.  She will have a kid and get divorced in l0 years when she can’t take it anymore.  Maybe she’ll become an attorney as well.

  • sg

    I think Chelsea has bee told to stick it out until it’s been a year so as to avoid all the nay sayers who laid bets at the beginning. Denial of children is an automatic annulement, even in the Catholic church.

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