Charles Ramsey interview remix: Crazy Taiwanese animation style!

Charles Ramsey is a hero for saving Cleveland-kidnapping victim Amanda Berry and her 6-year-old-daughter from her kidnapper, Ariel Castro.

Not only is Ramsey a hero, but thanks to an incredible interview, he is now an internet sensation. Yup, it’s only a matter of time before the Charles Ramsey interview autotune will be at the top of charts.

Ramsey claims he was just eating McDonald’s and minding his own business when heard a woman’s screams coming from Castro’s house. When he went to investigate, he saw Amanda Berry trying to open the door. The door was only able to open wide enough to let Berry stick her arm out. Ramsey helped Berry break a hole in the door and crawl out with her young daughter, who allegedly was conceived with her captor. Berry then ran to Ramsey’s house to call the police. Police discovered two more girls, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight inside the home. All three women had been missing for nearly a decade.

We decided the interview is too good to pass up. Please take a moment to enjoy the animated version of Ramsey’s awesome interview.