Chad Ochocinco signs with Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have signed wide receiver Chad Ochocinco just four days after he was released by the New England Patriots. Some are wondering if HBO’s reality show Hard Knocks is the motivation behind the decision.

Chad Ochocinco (formerly known as Chad Johnson; the NFL player renamed himself after the Spanish words for his number, 85) has a lot to celebrate this week. The 34-year-old pro football player and fiancee of TV personality Evelyn Lozada not only has a new job, but it’s in his hometown with his dream team. The Miami Dolphins only signed the football player to a one-year $925,000 deal, but it’s better than nothing. Right?

After a tough run with the New England Patriots (only 15 catches), Ochocinco hopes to prove himself to his fans and family with the Miami Dolphins.

Well, actually, Ochocinco has not made the team yet. He still needs to pass tryouts. Many critics are interested to see which type of Ochocinco the Fins will get: showboat entertainer or talented wide receiver? The Miami Dolphins may be rooting for the first. With HBO’s reality series Hard Knocks following the Miami Dolphins this season it was a smart PR move on their part to snatch up Ochocinco. By adding a little bit more flair to the team, the show could potentially increase sales of tickets and merchandise for the Fins.