Celebrities flunking science: 2011 edition

Snooki has earned her spot on an annual list of celebrities who sprout “bad science” by declaring that the ocean is salty because of whale sperm. The charity Sense about Science releases a list of the most egregious celebrity peddlers of pseudoscience every year. Bill O’Reilly, Michele Bachman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Simon Cowell and Christian Louboutin also made this year’s list.

In this animation, we explore the wacky beliefs of the celebs, from Bill O’Reilly’s utterance “Tide goes in … tide goes out … you can’t explain that” to couture shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s statement that wearing high heels can be an orgasmic experience.

For these celebs, maybe their new year’s resolution should be “Be Less Stupid.”


  • http://profiles.google.com/rrwillsj richard wills

    Besides the continuous efforts by businessmen on school boards
    to run education into the ground, with their shared delusion that
    they are competent to determine educational policies. Their actual
    level of competency is administration, construction, maintenance, etc.

    The other cause of scientific illiteracy is the popular media. What is
    claimed as science-fiction is actually anti-science propaganda constantly
    being shoveled out to the consumers. The simple fact is that most people
    only want to think about simple facts.

    When the level of knowledge needed to comprehend modern technology
    keeps rising exponentially, many people prefer to embrace ignorance.
    It’s just so much easier with all the crap already inundating their lives.

  • Martin

    Please please please don’t give any credibility to Michelle Bachmann.  She confuses autism with mental retardation or at least thinks that autism is a form of mental retardation.  It isn’t.  Not really: it’s more like an extreme case of social awkwardness.  Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have both been diagnosed as having Aspergers syndrome which is a form of autism.  Are they “retards”?  Over and above the question of whether vaccines cause autism (which they don’t) Michelle Bachmann needs to get her facts straight about what autism is in the first place!