Lucky Dog: Mark Zuckerberg’s Puli dog Beast has 1.5M Facebook friends

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Mark Zuckerberg’s dog Beast, a Puli, has over 1.5 million fans on Facebook. And he might just be the richest dog on Earth! Beast’s mother couldn’t have guessed one of her brood would be adopted by the founder of Facebook. For a dog that looks like a rag, it’s truly a rags to riches story. But like so many young pups unaccustomed to a life of privilege, Beast will face a litany of temptations. Will he have the personal fortitude to remember his roots? Or will the name Beast be added to those that went down in a booze soaked orgy of sin? ENGLISH:

Facebook’s Zuck releases new pervy app called Poke

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg releases Snapchat-like messaging app “Poke”

Rumor has it that when Snapchat creators refused to sell their app to the great Mark Zuckerberg, Zucks retaliated by creating the Poke messaging app. Now even more people can be pervy! Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, reportedly tried to buy Snapchat but the company preferred to stay private. What did Facebook do? Well, they came out with a better app that does basically the same thing 12 days later. Cue: Poke. Facebook’s Poke app, titled after the Poke feature, allows users to send temporary messages, texts, photos and short videos. The message is viewable for up to 10 seconds after the receiver opens and then is deleted forever*. Of course anyone involved with the app…

Facebook IPO stock investors shafted by evil Zuckerberg

Facebook IPO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is killing its investors. When Facebook had its IPO on May 18, shares opened at over $42. Now you can grab Facebook stock for the low, low price of just $19.99! The best that can be said about Mark Zuckerberg is that he was greedy and incompetent for overpricing Facebook’s IPO. We say he’s evil. One has to wonder how much deception Zuckerberg and his bankers engaged in to drive the IPO price so high. Facebook’s growth at the time of its IPO was flat, and mobile wasn’t working. Now Facebook has admitted that 83 million or 8.7 percent of all Facebook accounts are fake, and the company faces claims that 80 percent of…

Facebook IPO: poor earnings selectively disclosed?

Facebook IPO: did underwriters selectively disclose poor earnings information?

As Facebook officials were busy hyping the company’s $16 billion IPO, the company quietly told its underwriters Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan to scale back 2Q earnings estimates. Facebook was concerned increased mobile usage would cut into earnings and the underwriters, who analysts covering the company, were too optimistic about second-quarter earnings prospects. But who did Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan tell about Facebook’s warning? Top clients get information first. Of course, smaller investors and those buying shares in the open market never received this information. This selective disclosure provides investors close to the underwriters an advantage small investors don’t enjoy. In the three days since Facebook went public, the shares have lost…

Facebook IPO: shares on rollercoaster ride

Facebook IPO: shares on rollercoaster ride

Facebook has gone public in an IPO that could raise more than $18 billion. Facebook priced its IPO at $38 per share and is selling 180 million shares in the IPO. The shares notched up big opening gains amid high demand and frenzied trading on the NASDAQ stock market under the ticker FB. If underwriters exercise a greenshoe option, Facebook could raise as much as $18.4 billion, making Facebook’s IPO the second-largest initial public offering in history, surpassing the value of General Motors’ IPO. Insiders have found no shortage of investors to fleece. Goldman Sachs doubled the amount of its own holdings sold in the IPO. It begs the question: if Facebook is worth owning,…

Facebook IPO means billions for Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook IPO means billions for Mark Zuckerbeg

Facebook is going public on Friday, with an IPO that’s expected to raise more than $18 billion for Facebook, mint 500 to 1,000 new millionaires and make Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, now just 28, a multi-billionaire. Facebook after the IPO is expected to be more valuable than McDonald’s in an IPO that could generate more than 10 times the $1.67 billion Google raised with its IPO in 2004. Anywhere from 500 to 1,000 Facebook employees and shareholders will become millionaires. What would you do with that kind of money? Our roving reporters asked that question to people in New York City’s Times Square. If you had as much money as Mark Zuckerberg will have on…

Facebook Class B shares explained

Facebook Class B shares explained

Facebook kicks off its roadshow Monday for the company’s initial public offering, which is expected to raise US$5 billion for the company. Facebook, which trade under will trade under the ticker “FB, will have two share classes: Class A and Class B. Class A shares will be sold to the public and traded on the Nasdaq. Class B shares will be privately held by Facebook insiders, principally Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg’s B shares will carry 10 times the voting weight of class A shares. So while he owns just 28% of the company, Zuckerberg will control 57% of the voting rights. As such, the majority owners of Facebook will have little sway over the direction of…

Facebook snaps up Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook snaps up Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook has announced it will pay $1 billion in cash and stock to acquire photo-sharing app Instagram. The deal will make founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and the other approximately 12 staff at Instagram instant millionaires (at least in Mark Zuckerberg funny money). Industry watchers have said the move will help Facebook in an area it has traditionally struggled in — photo editing. Others have questioned the logic of paying so much for a company with no revenue stream and no obvious business plan. The acquisition comes just a week after Instagram secured $50 million in funding from investors including Sequoia Capital that valued Instagram at $500 million. Instagram recently became available on Android…