Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy saves Lara Croft from breast cancer

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Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie has undergone a double mastectomy due to a faulty gene that might cause breast cancer. The superstar’s genes served her well up until now, making her one of the sexiest women alive. But all good things must end, and Angelina has become an inspiration to women everywhere with her brave decision. Fans of the actress’ famous figure need not fear, as she is going to have cosmetic implants to preserve her appearance. Angelina Jolie’s mother died of cancer, and Angelina tested positive for the BRCA1 gene, meaning her likelihood of contracting breast cancer was comparatively high. ENGLISH:

Barbara Walters announces retirement on The View

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Barbara Walters is set to announce her retirement on The View today. After nearly 60 years in the biz, Barbara Walters is calling it quits…sort of. Walters, a longtime ABC News personality, has been a pioneer for women in the journalism industry. She became the first female co-host for a network news or a public affairs program in 1974 and then became the first female co-anchor on an evening news program two years later. Not only is Walters a co-host on The View, but she also co-created the program in 1997. Although she will no longer appear on camera, Walters will continue her duties as the executive producer of the show. Barbara Walters, who is…

Celebrity Fights: Jon Stewart vs. Donald Trump

Celebrity Fights: Jon Stewart vs. Donald Trump

Celebrity Fights: Jon Stewart vs. Donald Trump. A war of words has broken out between the celebrity businessman and the Daily Show comedian. In the latest salvo, Stewart joked on air: “By the way, did you know Donald Trump’s birth name is F**kface Von Clownstick? … That’s all over Twitter, I hope.” The ‘fight’ began after Trump called out Stewart for changing his name from Jon Leibowitz to Jon Stewart. That prompted Stewart’s funny on-air retort, which then prompted Trump’s twitter rage, highlights of which you can read here. Who is winning in this celebrity fight? The feud is actually good for both sides. In Trump, Stewart has the perfect comedic punching bag. And by…

It’s a Knockout host Stuart Hall joins the ‘Pervy British Host’ Hall of Fame

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It’s a Knockout host Stuart Hall is about to join Jimmy Savile and a handful of other celebrities that have managed to ruin our childhood. Hall, a veteran BBC broadcaster has pleaded guilty to sexual assaulting 13 girls between the ages of nine to 17 over a period of 18 years. One victim told reporters she finally found the strength to come forward after the Jimmy Savile scandal broke. The woman, who is going by the name Amy to keep her privacy intact, believes Hall should, “die behind bars.” according to The Sun. According to Amy, she was picked to be a cheerleader on the show It’s a Knockout, after she was spotted at her…

Justin Bieber officially has no soul, leaves grandpa in a bind

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Justin Bieber’s grandfather, George Bieber, is going public about what a little brat his grandson is. Anybody shocked? According to Bieber’s paternal grandfather, he has not seen his multimillionaire grandson in years. While Justin Bieber is making a fool of himself and growing richer as he does it, George Bieber is living in near poverty and struggling with his ailing health. Captions too fast? Get the translation here: Introducing Justin Bieber, the “World’s Worst Grandson”. Meet George Bieber, the paternal grandfather of Justin Bieber. While Justin Bieber is out making cheddar, George is living in poverty and squalor. According to the ailing elder Bieber, he hasn’t seen Justin in years. The only much-needed financial help…

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez bites player

Luis Suarez bites player

Luis Suarez is involved in yet another controversy after the Liverpool striker bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. Suarez started the latest fiasco on Sunday when he bit Ivanovic during their Premier League match at Anfield. The incident happened about halfway through the second half, with Liverpool behind 2-1, when Suarez sank his teeth into Ivanovic’s upper arm after a penalty-area disagreement. Ivanovic complained to the referee Kevin Friend, but Friend took no action. Suarez made a public apology last night to Ivanovic. “I am deeply sorry for my inexcusable behaviour earlier today during our match against Chelsea,” Suarez said. The Uruguay forward’s future at Liverpool may be in doubt after this latest controversy. Liverpool striker…

PSY Gentleman music video an official disappointment

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PSY has officially released the Gentleman music video, his followup to megahit Gangnam Style. No one is a bigger supporter of Gangnam Style than the NMA team, but if you ask us, PSY’s Gentleman music video just falls kind of flat for us. The beat, concept and dancing are all similar to Gangnam Style, just not as good. Ya dig? When South Korean rapper PSY broke the internet with his megahit Gangnam Style the world was changed forever. His new video Gentleman is just as bizarre as Gangnam Style, but it just doesn’t have the same magic and joyous pony-dancing. Gentleman paints the chubby Korean as a cruel and chauvinistic prankster. The video may not…

Madonna’s music won’t win her fans in Malawi

Madonna’s music won’t win her fans in Malawi

Madonna’s music may make her one of the most internationally known pop stars on the planet, but Malawi is not impressed. The president of Malawi, Joyce Banda, slammed the pop star for reportedly expecting the Malawian government to “roll out a red carpet and blast the 21-gun salute in her honour”. When Madonna arrived to Malawi last week, she started her trip by penning a sweet, handwritten letter to Malawi’s president Joyce Banda asking if Banda had time to meet. Banda was NOT impressed with the letter. Instead of setting a time to meet up with Madge, Banda wrote a scathing statement calling her request to meet similar to “blackmail”. Here is a little clip:…