As Seen On: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart's Daily Show

Did you catch last night’s episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart? Cameras are not allowed in the Supreme Court. So naturally, the Daily Show team and Jon Stewart turned to Next Media Animation to help explain the arguments over insurance mandates within Obama’s healthcare law. Check it out!

As Seen On: Parks and Recreation

As Seen On: Parks and Recreation

Even though most of the Next Media Animation staff lives in Taiwan, we still enjoy American comedy shows. So we were thrilled when our work was parodied on an episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation in March, 2011. The segment appeared in the seventh episode of Parks and Recreation’s third season, Harvest Festival. A video that mimicked the style of the Taiwanese animators showed the leader of a Native American tribe putting a curse on the show’s main character, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). Enjoy! Be sure to get our daily updates by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and subscribing to our channel on YouTube.

As Seen On: The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret gets animated

Next Media Animation presents you with an animated recap of the famous British tv series, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. Todd Margaret was a sad temp until his boss picked him to sell energy drinks in the UK. Todd moved overseas. He was able to convince his assistant he was a great salesman with a dead British father. This is because Todd is a pathological liar. Todd made bold claims to try and peddle his drinks. Luckily, a shopkeeper named Alice took pity on him. It turned out the drinks were toxic…so toxic, that terrorists bought them to make weapons. Meanwhile, Todd’s assistant was producing porn in the office and Todd’s boss was…

As Seen On: BBC’s Newsnight

Next Media Animaiton BBC Newsnight

Last year, BBC program Newsnight commissioned three pieces from Next Media Animation on the UK general election campaign. The first episode was broadcast on April 17, 2010. Election 2010 Made in Taiwan: Kick off is a minute-long rundown of key and quirky moments of the general election campaign up to that point. The second episode, Election 2010 Made in Taiwan: Cleggmania, was our take on the surge in popularity for Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. In the third episode, Election 2010 Made in Taiwan: Bigotgate, we turned our attention to the Gillian Duffy affair, in which Gordon Brown was caught calling a Labour supporter a “bigoted woman.” Newsnight liked these animations so much they commissioned…

As Seen On: ABC’s Nightline

Next Media Animation Nightline

What is it like behind the scenes at Next Media Animation? Earlier this year ABC’s Nightline visited our studios in Taipei, Taiwan to have a look. NMA’s actors wear special head-to-toe motion capture suits. They perform specific movements that are processed by motion capture cameras and integrated into final animations. ABC Nightline showed how we turned the simple action of two actors running into an animation of a group of people mobbing a store on Black Friday. Everybody at NMA, especially the actors in the video, was thrilled to be featured on Nightline. This segment also features an interview with NMA founder Jimmy Lai. Be sure to get our daily updates by liking us on…

As Seen On: Russell Howard’s Good News

As Seen On: Russell Howard's Good News

Two male penguins in a Canadian zoo making mating calls to one another? When Next Media Animation heard about this one in November, we had to animate it. Soon after the video hit the web, it was featured on British comedy show Russell Howard’s Good News. Next Media Animation’s video drew more attention to the gay penguins, showing them with hearts in their eyes, and depicting them getting up close and personal with each other. To really set the mood, the video was set to a romantic tune in the background. Russell Howard’s audience laughed with delight as he aired the segment. It’s great to know that NMA is making waves and making people laugh…

As Seen On: Jimmy Kimmel

As Seen On: Jimmy Kimmel

When the Scarlett Johansson nude photo scandal broke last September, Next Media Animation produced a video parodying the incident. Several days later, the animation was aired on ABC‘s late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! Next Media Animation’s video depicted a young male excited at the prospect of seeing Scarlett Johansson’s racy photos. Kimmel joked that the man in the animation looked like his show’s TV researcher, Steve Abrams. The team at NMA was ecstatic and honored to find that its work was featured on such a well known program. Be sure to get our daily updates by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and subscribing to our channel on YouTube!

As Seen On: The Simpsons


Next Media Animation has always admired The Simpsons. So we thought it was really cool when they referenced the “Taiwanese animators” and parodied our work. The segment aired during The Simpson’s 23rd season premiere, The Falcon and the D’ohman. It took place inside Moe’s bar and referenced our ability to turn around stories in two or three hours. Copious amounts of vomit were involved. Two days later we released our reaction, NMA goes to Springfield seeking Simpsons’ fame. Be sure to get our daily updates by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and subscribing to our channel on YouTube!