Cardinals, Rangers set for World Series 2011

The St. Louis Cardinals had a rough time in the regular season. But with a stroke of good luck, they made it into the playoffs at the last second.

And no one was expecting their ascent to the top, especially the highly favored Phillies.

Next, the Cardinals downed division champs, the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Cardinals largely have veteran first baseman Albert Pujols to thank for their wins. But now he’s a free agent, many wonder if he’ll leave St. Louis.

But first, the Cardinals face their toughest opponent yet.

Long one of baseball’s worst teams, the Texas Rangers have turned their luck around with the help of slugger Nelson Cruz and GM Jon Daniels.

But without the star pitcher who led them to the World Series last year, can the Rangers keep up their momentum?


  • richard wills

    “home on the Range, where the Cardinals play.”

  • BMH

    stroke of luck, huh?