Cameron EU Big Speech: Can PM keep all happy?

David Cameron is set to give his Big Speech on relations with the EU on Friday. The speech will take place in the Netherlands, where Cameron will attempt to redefine the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Dissatisfaction with the EU is high. The UK has ceded control over issues such as immigration, crime, policing, and labor law. Many question the wisdom of EU membership.

Cameron must walk a fine line. Eurosceptics in the Conservative Party want an in-or-out referendum on EU membership. Others in the party want a “fresh start” and hope to renegotiate the relationship before seeking a referendum.

Meanwhile, Cameron’s junior coalition partner Nick Clegg has criticized Cameron on the issue, saying the UK risks losing jobs. At the same time, Cameron is being flanked by UKIP, which is drawing support away from the Tories.

Can Cameron keep it together? Or will the EU issue cost him his career?