Brett Favre sacked with sexual harassment lawsuit

On the same day legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre announced his retirement, two former Jets masseuses sued him for sexual harassment. According to the suit, masseuse Christina Scavo was introduced to the Jets by colleague Shannon O’Toole. Organizer Lisa Ripi oversaw the therapists, who were all young and attractive.

During training camp, Christina Scavo and another female therapist worked on Brett Favre and other players. Later that day, Favre texted Scavo’s colleague and proposed that she and Scavo meet up for a threesome.

Scavo told her husband about the messages. Mr. Scavo told Favre to back off and apologize. Favre “responded in an inappropriate manner.” After Mr Scavo’s phone call, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole were never again asked to provide massage therapy to the Jets.

Two years later, after allegations of misconduct emerged, Ripi allegedly acknowledged Favre’s bad behavior but said the therapists should have settled the matter internally.

You can read the lawsuit here on Deadspin.

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