Is 2036 the new 2012? Maybe yes, maybe no

Doomsday asteroid Apophis could crash into Earth in 2036, killing millions and causing chaos worldwide, Russian scientists say. The 300-meter-wide asteroid is traveling at 37,014 kilometers per hour. If it passes through a narrow gravitational keyhole in 2029, it would hit the Earth seven years later.

NASA, however, says the chances of Apophis hitting the Earth are 1/250,000. And if it were on course to slam into the planet, NASA would knock it off course — ‘Deep Impact’-style.

Given the fact that NASA is relying on the Russians to get its astronauts into space, who do you believe?

DoomsdayasteroidApophis1 Is 2036 the new 2012? Maybe yes, maybe no (Next Media Animation TV)

  • Dan Bloom

    outline might look like this

    Could polar cities be our future in 2500 AD? Ask James Lovelock!

    February 14, 2012

    Doomsday climate activist James Lovelock in Britain says future
    generations might have to find refuge in polar cities in the north within the next 100 to 500 years. He says there will be a massive die off of humans on Earth due to climate chaos in the future, with Earth’s popualtion going from 10 million to just 200,000 survivors of global warming.

    He says Britain will be Lifeboat Britain for all Europeans and that New Zealand will be Lifeboard New Zealand for the southern hemisphere as Australia will be a wasteland by 2500 AD.

    Not everyone agrees. What who do you believe?

  • Dan Bloom

    if need more info, contact me. i am on the phone book!

  • Dan Bloom

    Great video and good question re 2036. I wish NMA can do a story visualization one day in future about POLAR CITiES, those future places where humans might have to take refuge as climate refugess in 2500 AD, 30 generations from now. the images in link were conceived by Taiwanese artist Deng Cheng-hong, from an idea from the Polar Cities Project team: see: http;// and google “James Lovelock’s Accidental Student” – lovelock would be the go to guy here for this kind of video anime as Lovelock set it all up and has seen Deng’s imaegs and says ‘Yes it may happen and soon”:

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