Alabama mayor rejects FEMA trailers for tornado victims

The devastating tornadoes that swept through Alabama last week have left many homeless.

FEMA has supplied trailers to victims. But Cordova mayor Jack Scott has banned the temporary housing, citing town ordinances. Scott said he didn’t want the trailers to become permanent. But allows the police and businesses to use these trailers and said there is no double standard.

Residents have protested Scott’s decision but he hasn’t budged. Perhaps they should make do living in tents?

What’s wrong having a town that’s full of trailers? Haven’t you seen Trailer Park Boys? They rock!

  • Pigbang

    Let them eat cake when they don’t even have s*&t. The town needs a makeover, so either rot in camps or build bubba a mansion. Cold-hearted reptilians have infiltrated all levels of the political pyramid. 

  • Terriebenefield

    I have seen some heartless people,  But this takes the cake.  Why doesn’t the government make this Mayor go live in a tent  and suffer like the people of the town of Cordova!!!!!!   This guy is unfit to be an American and the people that put him in office are being very abused by his power in his office.  TAKE THIS GUY OUT OF OFFICE  I live in Alabama  and buy the way this is America!  Who does he think he is by disgracing   “SWEET HOME ALABAMA”  I am so sorry for the people of this town. And I sincerely hope that he doesn’t go back into office next election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy10

    I have been to Cordova several times, there was nothing there before the tornado’s.  Walker county and Cordova should look at the bright side of the tornado, it removed a lot of the old eyesore buildings (many empty for years) got rid of the run down houses, and the old mobile homes that were surrounded by 3 feet of old car parts and junk that in most cities a person could be fined for having in the yard, If you look at the aftermath of the storm – other than the powerlines being down and stuff blocking the roads that is the way it looked.   The 1 grocery store would be called a convenience store by most standards, they had a swimming pool that didnt have water for about 10 years.  I do not know this mayor or if he has a hidden agenda,  but I say THUMBS UP! I agree dont be like other states that let the fema trailers come and that are still there! Anyone who has every been to CORDOVA knows most people would keep staying in that fema trailer till it rotted!  Heck if the people of Cordova want to find a loop hole like:  how about line the single wide fema trailers around the city limits– right on the city line- plenty of empty fields or Billy Joe Jimbobs property (ask people to set the trailer on their land bordering the city limits. Or tell Fema to put two single wides next to each other and call it a doublewide! (at least then it would be a matching set – you know those two unmatched ones there before were just bad!} Best solution is contact the railroad company since Railway tracks are laid upon land owned or leased by the railway company, and ask to put the trailers on the land next to tracks- 1/2 of the town people  already had tracks that ran on their property so the noise wouldnt be a factor!

    • Kent Paul Dolan

      Sadly, @efcd7730c55ca98b6f2a7aeedff21a58:disqus , your comments fail to make sense.

      First, if the area was a roiling slum before the tornado, it’s hard to see how adding FEMA trailers could make it worse.

      Second, your suggestions for trailer placements neglect the realities of needing power, potable water, sewage service, trash collection service, and I’m sure a lot of other services that won’t be available at any of the places you suggest.

      As for “living in the fema trailer till it rotted” (sic,sic), so what?

      Where is the disadvantage of this compared to the poor becoming a homeless population for the town?

      The usual mantra works here as well: think before you post, and if you are incapable of thinking, don’t even consider posting.


  • Msgroom37

    Mayor Jack Scott has always been heartless and also racist, it’s not like Cordova is a tourist attraction anyways he needs to be out of that city. the news people need to ask around the city of Cordova and find out what happen to the black girl that got killed in the storm, she tried to go to Mayor Jack Scott church for shelter and they turn her away and she is dead now. her son survived and told the story and nothing has been done about that. I hear the little boy is in Hawaii with his Dad. wouldn’t be surprised if Mayor Jack Scott tried paying her family off.. He’s a real Jerk 

  • richard wills

       Now here is a project for some beginning reporter looking
    to get into investigative  journalism, i.e. muckraking.

    Major Jack “Good OL’Boy” Scott and what businesses he owns
    or has a stake in.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a contractor or had a
    hardware store or real estate.  Or was related to someone
    who was involved with reconstruction. 

  • Kent Paul Dolan

    A whole new brand of bigottry shows its ugly head: hatred for the recently unhoused by nature.

    You just send those house trailers to Joplin, MO, and see how fast they’re approved and grabbed to house the recently made homeless.


    • slbweaver

      There are a bunch of other places in Alabama who are delighted to have them.

  • Me

    F-E-M-A is pronounced Phy-mah  :)