Airbnb guests trash, burglarize apartment

Web start-up Airbnb has benefited from the recent tech boom.It just raised $112 million US dollars from investors.It is now valued at $1 billion.

Although Craigslist allows those wishing to rent out their homes to travelers,it has a sketchy reputation. Airbnb is user friendly with a shiny interface.

However, a San Francisco woman recently rented out her apartment through Airbnb. She left her keys for her guests before going on a trip.

The guests ransacked her apartment,stole her stuff and left a huge mess. It took the woman 14 hours to get through to an Airbnb employee.

Maybe they were busy having an air guitar contest?


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    Well, the moral lesson here is do not trust any body to your belongings even though they will use good and inspiring words. Better to entrust your belongings especially your house to security personnel of your place and not to other people.