May 21 rapture: Apocolypse WOW!

Mark your calendar. Judgment Day is coming! According to Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping, May 21 is the Day of the Rapture.

Are you ready? Camping’s followers are! They are closing out bank accounts, selling their homes and leaving their spouses.

On May 21, the Elect get called home to heaven. As for the Left Behind, well, sucks to be you!

Man, it sounds like the Elect have a lot to look forward to.

As for the Left Behind, they can look forward to fire and brimstone for their remaining days on earth.

Feel sorry for those heathens around the world. They get to suffer earthquake, floods and all sorts of calamities.

The world will finally come to an end five months later. Kind of makes you wonder, why is the world here in the first place?

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  • richard wills

     Aw, shucks, still here on this mundane ol’world!

    Or, perhaps the rapture did occur and all these
    self-righteous egotists, who thought only “They”
    qualified for paradise, have been rejected and
    left behind.

    In their infantile narcissism, they will turn to
    terrorism to fulfill those end-of-day shucks & jive
    that fulfills their self-delusion of adequacy.

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  • richard wills

       What i find the most ridiculous of the the continuous belief in  the superstitious belief that the world will end,
    Is the narcissist opinion the gullible have that they specifically will wind up in heaven.  This egotism of theirs
    displays how stupid and ignorant they think their deity is.  I have not seen any action on their part to sacrifice
    on the behalf of others, that would earn them a ticket.  Instead, they only care about saving their own asses,
    when they pray, it always to demand that their deity give them something.

         Now if you want to go by any of the multitude of versions of the bible, which interpretation?  Of which translation? Shall we use?   If you go by historical record, who deserves to go to heaven?  This bunch whines that they are persecuted because most people refuse to accept their self-proclaimed authority.  If anybody deserves to go to
    the christian heaven, it would be the Old Russians, the Japanese converts, those victimized by the catholic and
    protestant witch hysteria, all the different victims of all the different holocausts, the Mennonites – who live their faith.

    I do not believe there will be much room left in heaven for these egotistical hysterics of the camping cult.

    Actually when I think about it,I would imagine that god will have a special corner of heaven just for us atheists.
    And after a hard millennium of putting up with the droning pretentious puritan prune-faces clawing each other for access to the throne.  Being the practical joke,r that is an essential aspect of being a deity, god can come over
    to that little part of heaven where the atheists hangout and have a good laugh listening to all our arguing about
    how impossible this situation is.

    “Get 3 atheists in a room and you will quickly have nine arguments going on”
                                                                   Dr. Madalyn Murray O’Hair                                                                   

  • Aloha107

    There are people whom I will love to see “raptured”. As long as those bigots, pols, rabid preachers and parasites are gone, I consider the earth cleaned and liberated. Just for a few days before I got crushed or blown into bits, I will enjoy true freedom. 

  • Martin

    I want to “have a picnic” with Cyndi Wang!

  • Wen Tidizi

     and what a picnic it would be!

  • Jaded

     I’d take you a picnic any day!

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