Dr Phil interviews Tuiasosopo re Manti Te’o hoax

Te’o hoaxster tells Dr Phil

Dr Phil Ronaiah Tuiasosopo interview: Manti Te’o hoaxster Ronaiah Tuiasosopo told Dr Phil he maintained an Internet relationship with the Notre Dame college football star by pretending to be a woman named “Lennay Kekua” because he was “deeply, romantically” in love with Te’o. Throughout the college football season, Te’o spoke openly about his long-distance relationship with “former Stanford student Lennay Kekua,” who was supposedly injured in a car accident and recovered only to be diagnosed with and die from leukemia. It was THE story of the college football season and it helped fuel Te’o’s run at the Heisman Trophy, but it was a sham. Deadspin ran a story last month proving “Kekua” never existed, prompting…

歐鬧劇又一齣 愛到深處 好友假扮女友?


超級盃不夠看了啦!一手策劃提歐肥皂劇的幕後黑手,日前接受菲爾醫生訪問的精彩片段,才真的是年度橄欖球大件事 土伊亞索波告訴菲爾,他假扮成這名橄欖球明星的想像女友凱琪拉,全出自於他對提歐深深的愛。 一名CNN名嘴顯然對這場鬧劇感同身受,並用專業角度分析,「網路是最適合假扮他人的空間,很多人都會這樣做」 所以現在官方說法是,提歐正式放棄大學明星橄欖球員,與假扮女子的好友,談情說愛的權力。