Pope Benedict XVI resignation still clouded in mystery

Pope Benedict XVI resignation still clouded in mystery

Pope Benedict XVI has left the papal office after resigning two weeks ago. He is the first pope to retire in 600 years, leaving the Catholic Church in a rush to replace him. Traditionally, the office becomes vacant after the pope passes away and the College of Cardinals must wait 15 to 20 days to select a new pontiff. In this case the rules will have to bend so that the cardinals can pull it off before March 15. The pope’s surprise resignation was attributed to his advanced age. Benedict claimed he chose early February to make the announcement to “avoid that exhausting rush of Easter engagements”. A 300-page document reportedly leaked by the pope’s…

掰囉 教宗! 本篤16世宣布退休


2月11號,教宗本篤16世給了兩周通知,他將是700年來第一個,不是因為外界壓力而宣布退位的教宗。 教宗說決定退休,是因為年紀大了,一份300頁報告,由教宗男管家所披露,表示根本不是這回事。 根據檔案的內容,其實是因一個男神父的性愛團體,其中充斥著男扮女裝、脫衣舞者和其他人,被一位男妓敲詐所導致。 這真是太棒了!既然男同志是帶動全球流行的教主,我們可以保證的是下一位教宗一定會超潮! 你覺得教宗為什麼要退位呢?留言告訴我們你的想法吧!

Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns after adult video pops up

Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns after porn video pops up

Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King sent in her resignation letter after a video with someone resembling her recently surfaced on the Internet. The teenage beauty queen resigned after a pornographic movie came to light on an internet porn site. King has denied that she is the woman in the video, which was shot around the time she was Miss Teen Delaware International 2012. Maybe Donald Trump and NBC can take advantage of this and start a new pageant…say hello to Miss Porn USA! Melissa’s pageant career maybe over, but maybe this is the start of a new one in the land of sex tapes. ENGLISH:


Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns after video surfaces

特華拉州妙齡小姐冠軍在成人網站出現ㄧ段女主角貌似她的影片後,聲明放棄后冠,但金否認她就是影片中女主角,而影片拍攝的期間她已拿下妙齡小姐的后冠。唐納川普和國家廣播公司或許可以利用這次來舉辦一場新的選美…跟美國成人小姐說hello吧,影片的流出或許結束了梅麗莎的選美生涯,但可能開啟了她成人影片的新路線. 你覺得自拍性愛錄影帶有什麼大不了嗎? 留言告訴我們吧

Honey Boo Boo Child Goes International

HONEY BOO BOO to conquer the world?

TLC’s popular hit series, ‘Here comes Honey Boo Boo’ is going international! It will soon air in Australia, the Netherlands, Italy and Latin America. TLC has announced its popular reality show, ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ is going international. Way to go Mama June! The show will now be available on TV screens in Australia, the Netherlands, Italy and Latin America, among others. Yay! Yet another way for America to lower its reputation overseas! Honey’s already a hit in Eastern Europe. And despite only recently going on air in Poland, ‘Here comes Honey Boo Boo’ has already taken the #3 spot in terms of viewership. Considering all the shows the US shamelessly rips off from…

瘋狂小童星Honey Boo Boo將征服全世界?

HONEY BOO BOO to conquer the world?

TLC熱門的節目秀宣布將在《瘋狂小童星Honey Boo Boo》推上國際舞台,她媽媽Mama June你實在太厲害囉!這股風將繼續延燒到澳洲、荷蘭、義大利和拉丁美洲。萬歲!美國又找到另一個貶低自己聲譽的好方法,瘋狂小童星Honey Boo Boo的旋風已經席捲東歐,儘管在波蘭才剛播出收視率就已拿下第三名的寶座。美國常不要臉的把歐洲影集翻成美國版,但這樣的藝術交易公平嗎? 你期待瘋狂小童星Honey Boo Boo在你的國家上演嗎?留言告訴我們吧

Daytona crash injures Nascar fans

Daytona crash injuries Nascar fans

The Daytona Crash of 2013 was truly a sight to behold, especially if you were among 30 fans in the grandstands who were injured in Saturday’s crash. Check out the Oddbods! Visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/nxTomo As every NASCAR fan knows, you come for the crashes and stay for the races. But are NASCAR officials taking fan safety seriously enough? NASCAR fans are stoic. Talk to any fan and they will admit to accepting some level of risk when watching the races live. Furthermore, the fine print on the back of admissions tickets would seem to absolve race officials of liability if fans are injured. But despite the risks, are NASCAR officials doing enough to ensure no fan…


Daytona crash injuries Nascar fans

每位NASCAR的賽車迷都知道,你來就是看房車追撞和競速的刺激。 但星期六在德通納海灘賽事驚傳意外,造成30名觀眾受傷,引發觀眾安全的顧慮。 此次失事NASCAR,可能需付數百萬美元的訴訟費。 但NASCAR似乎打算將他們應承擔的安全責任印在票劵上了事。 不曉得NASCAR何時才會正視粉絲的安全議題?等到他們上西天嗎?還是賽車迷願意冒著死亡或受傷的風險呢? 你認為NASCAR應該對觀眾的安全負起更多責任嗎?留言告訴我們你的想法!