Bassem Youssef, Egypt’s Jon Stewart, under threat

Bassem Youssef, Egypt’s Jon Stewart, under investigation for mocking his president

Bassem Youssef, the Egyptian television satirist known as his country’s Jon Stewart, is in trouble after for insulting President Mohamed Morsi on his television show. Bassem Youssef got his start in comedy by uploading self-produced YouTube videos criticizing prominent Egyptian figures. He got picked up by an Egyptian channel and eventually ended up on CBC with his show Al Bernameg. He modeled his program after the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and has even appeared as a guest on the Daily Show. Youssef’s satirical humor and unrelenting and unapologetic parodying of Egyptian politicians have made him a television sensation. Youssef was useful to Morsi when he helped foment anti-Mubarak sentiment, but under Morsi’s new Islamist-leaning…

巴西姆優素福白目惡搞埃及總統穆希 倒大楣囉!


巴西姆優素福是埃及版的名嘴約翰史都華,他因出言不遜惡搞埃及總統穆希被起訴,他被指控取笑宗教、並藐視伊斯蘭等相關言論, 優素福主打埃及主流媒體和格林貝克的陰謀論,認為那些相信美國、伊朗、以色列、光明會和外星人的,都是計畫要聯合起毀了這個國家, 優素福曾對穆希相當有利,因他當時煽動反前總統穆巴拉克,但在穆希新的親伊斯蘭體制下,攻擊國家領導者現在成為違法的。