Kim Kardashian pregnant

Kim Kardashian pregnant, Kanye West calls her his ‘Baby Mama’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, aka Kimye, are pregnant! Kanye West announced he and Kim Kardashian are expecting a baby during his concert Sunday night. During his concert in Atlantic City, Kanye West announced — in the form of song — “Now you having my baby” in reference to his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian (Duh). He also called her his “Baby Momma.” After only eight months of dating, Kimye figured they knew each other well enough to create a human being together. Kim is said to be around 12 weeks pregnant, which means the baby was conceived when they were celebrating Kim’s 32nd birthday in Italy. It also means we have another six months of awesome…



當我們以為金和肯尼的戀情已經被講到爛到沒梗時, 肯尼竟宣布金是他「孩子的娘」,還說寶寶是他們在義大利玩時愛的結晶, 金已懷孕12周,這表示…我們還得忍受大約24周基掰的推特訊息和無聊PO文的騷擾,耶! 或許對金伊來說新寶寶的來臨是件好事,因為Blue Ivy將有新玩伴了!