Super Bowl Commercials 2013 vs Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl vs. Commercials: Who will win?

Super Bowl 2013 is this Sunday. Let’s face, it most everyone will be watching the big game for the Super Bowl commercials, while most of the rest will be watching for Beyonce’s Halftime show. We decided to combine the best of both worlds in this animation. The San Francisco 49ers are squaring off against the Baltimore Ravens in 2013’s Super Bowl XLVII. Who will win? Who cares! We’re watching for the commercials and whether or not Beyonce will actually sing during the Halftime Show. Let us know your favorite ads in the comments below. ENGLISH:

小狗盃 尬上 超級盃廣告:誰是贏家?

Super Bowl Commercials 2013 vs Puppy Bowl: Who’s the winner?!

美國橄欖球的49人隊及烏鴉隊,現正為2013超級盃做最後衝刺。 但廣告商其實才是最迫不及待這第47屆超級盃比賽的來臨吧! 但在將近一年的準備後,全世界收視率最高的廣告,將要對戰他們最強的勁敵:小狗盃足球競賽。 鑒於之前廣告都在這時期大放異彩。德國福斯汽車決定提早播他們今年有點負種族爭議的新廣告。 但無庸置疑的就是大家都會準時收看今年的中場休息表演,因是由我們R&B天后碧昂絲帶來的表演。 不管你主要是在看球賽還是廣告,我們可以拍胸脯保證:小狗盃絕對會贏。因為小狗狗實在是TMD的尚古錐了! 那你最喜歡的超級盃廣告是哪一支哩?留言爆吼溫災啦

Antigua threatens to become internet piracy haven


Antigua and Barbuda, the tiny Caribbean nation whose economy was devastated by a US embargo on online gambling, is threatening to retaliate by legalizing internet piracy. The WTO says the US embargo violates international trade rules and has given Antigua the okay to retaliate by using US intellectual property. Internet gambling was a boon for Antigua’s economy. At one point more than 4,000 people out of a population of less than 100,000 were working in the industry. Then the US placed an embargo on Antigua’s online gaming industry, under the logic that placing bets across state lines violates American law. Now the industry only employs 500 people. Antigua is threatening to allow ultra-cheap subscription or…

世界貿易組織撐腰 安地卡成為盜版避風港


加勒比海小島安地卡和巴布達,儼然成為美國軟體和娛樂產業最頭痛的敵人,因為安地卡威脅要把美國智慧財產權拋在腦後,來報復美國禁止公民使用她們的線上賭博服務。 線上賭博原本是安地卡重要的經濟收入。總人口十萬的島國上曾高達四千人投身博弈產業。可是美國卻以隔州下注違反國內法律為由,對安地卡的線上賭博下達禁令。導致當地只剩500名員工。 世界貿易組織卻認為美國此舉違反貿易條規,允許安地卡使用老美的智慧財產來進行貿易制裁。

North Korea cannibalism: parents eat children in latest famine

North Korea’s Cannibalism exposed!

North Korea’s rocket launches may be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but maybe it’s time to look into North Korea’s cannibalism. Rumors emerging from North Korea say families have been forced to eat their children because of a “hidden famine” in farming provinces. These include a story about a man who killed both his children so he could eat them. The secretive country is neither confirming or denying rumors of this hidden famine, which some sources say has claimed up to 10,000 lives. Hopefully someone will step in to prevent North Korea’s youth from becoming a side dish. But with the US and UN more concerned with punishing North Korea with sanctions for its…


North Korea’s Cannibalism exposed!

據傳言,北韓的一些農村家庭被迫吃他們自己的小孩,由於「不為人知」的飢荒正在上演。 在眾多家媒體現爆出很多驚為天人的吃人事件後,引起各方矚目關於北韓民眾,其實買不起糧食的事實。 粉不幸的,最高領袖金正恩現在實在沒時間管這類瑣事,因為他現在正在安排一項很重要又很撩錢的衛星計畫。 但正當美國及其他聯合國會員都一味的在譴責北韓並發出超多制裁行動時,這人民付不起糧食而吃人的事件,恐怕不可能近期內會有個好的解決方案。 但若金正恩不盡快被制止,誰知道這吃人事件會越演越烈到甚麼程度。 希望其他國家可以盡快介入,防止北韓的小孩繼續變成盤中飧的慘劇。 你認為金正恩下台的時間到了嗎?留言跟我們說說唄!

David Cameron vs Adam Afriyie in Tory leadership challenge

Adam Afriyie in secret bid to oust David Cameron

Tory leaders are dissatisfied with David Cameron’s leadership and the drubbing the Conservative Party is taking in the polls. According to media reports, millionaire MP Adam Afriyie has sensed an opportunity and is secretly plotting to oust David Cameron. A vote of no confidence would require support from 46 party members. But is Afriyie a stalking horse for an unannounced third candidate? Afriyie is called the Tory Obama because his mother is white and father African. Whereas David Cameron was born with a silver spoon, Afriyie is self-made, having forged his own silver spoon in the IT industry. He is worth £100 million quid. Do you think the Conservative Party should dump David Cameron? Leave…

英版歐巴馬? 亞當阿夫里耶暗自出價驅逐大衛卡麥隆

Adam Afriyie in secret bid to oust David Cameron

保守黨領袖們 不滿大衛卡麥隆,這也顯示在被痛擊的民調中 據媒體報導 鉅子亞當阿夫里耶感到密謀推翻大衛卡麥隆的機會到來 他覺得需要46名黨員的票來支持 但阿夫里耶有可能,只是一枚煙霧彈嗎? 阿夫里耶被稱作英版歐巴馬 因為他母親是白人,而父親是非洲人 而大衛卡麥隆則咬著金湯匙出生,阿夫里耶則是白手起家 在IT產業賺到自己的金湯匙,身價值一億英鎊 附帶一提,阿夫里耶很樂意相挺大衛卡麥隆 不管怎樣,在2015年以前大衛卡麥隆最好有所做為