Real life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova has a twin!

Valeria Lukyanova’s Human Barbie Twin: Olga Oleynik

Valeria Lukyanova, the Human Barbie, that left many scratching their heads in confusion has a twin! At least that’s what she’s calling Olga ‘Dominica’ Oleynik an equally plastic, bottle blonde with the same cartoonish features. Valeria Lukyanova and Olga Oleynik, who goes by the nickname Dominica, are both from Odessa, Ukraine, but the pair met on the internet. Valeria, who claims to be the ‘most famous Russian woman on the Russian-language internet’ says friends were convinced the two were blood sisters because of the similarities. Although they are not blood sisters, they are spiritual sisters according to Valeria. Valeria, who claims to be an astral traveler, has recruited Dominica to help her teach lessons in…



等著接招,美國!現在不只一個,而是有兩個真人芭比,要飛向你們的懷抱了! 原來引起轟動的露可安諾娃,居然有一個長的超像的好姊妹,奧嘉多米尼克歐蕾妮克,兩人都有相同嗜好。 你知道,就是一般女生喜歡做的事,像是去整型把自己變成真人娃娃,跟蛇一起照一些詭異的照片,或是以一百元的酬勞教你如何靈魂出竅。 烏克蘭的這對國寶計畫要移民到美國了,希望到時後她們還會一樣美豔!