Gangnam Style PSY’s anti-US military protests

‘Gangnam Style’ rapper PSY’s anti-US military protests Obama

PSY, the once-loved, chubby South Korean pop sensation from the hit, “Gangnam Style” (강남스타일) is in a bit of hot water due to his anti-US military protest concert from 2004. PSY’s performance was part of ongoing protests linked to two events involving Koreans, the US military and Iraq War. The first event involved two 13-year-old Korean girls who were struck and killed by an American Military Vehicle in 2002. The U.S. was acquitted for their deaths causing tensions to flare in South Korea. Shortly after, PSY took to the stage to show his anger by smashing a miniature model of an American tank. Two years later, a South Korean missionary was decapitated by Islamic extremists in…



韓國「江南大叔」PSY話題不斷,上周卻在美國引爆爭議,因為他在多年前的一場演出中唱到….「殺死那些Fxxx美國佬…殺死他們女兒、母親、媳婦和父親/把他們慢慢地、痛苦地殺死」。 雖然被起底,「江南大叔」還是參加了「華盛頓聖誕節」演出。 大叔,你腦子生蟲嗎? 你忘了美韓聯軍指揮部的存在嗎? 如果風波不平息的話,這名最受美國人歡迎的韓星,在美國的榮景可能就只是曇花一現