John McAfee detained in Guatemala

John McAfee detained in Guatemala, faces deportation to Belize

Ah we can always count on bizarre software mogul, John Mcafee, to provide an entertaining story. The anti-virus software pioneer fled Belize after he was asked to come in for questioning on the murder of his neighbor. McAfee resurfaced in Guatemala earlier this week and was quickly detained. Police in Belize went to question McAfee shortly after they found his neighbor, Gregory Faull, dead from a gunshot wound to the head. They didn’t find him initially because he’d had buried himself under the sand in his backyard, using a piece of cardboard to help him breath. Um, what? The story just got more interesting from there. McAfee fled Belize, but not before donning various disguises…


McAfee finally nabbed in Guatemala!

自從他的鄰居被殺後,這惡名昭彰的防毒軟體大亨,約翰邁克菲(John McAfee)及他女友,這對亡命鴛鴦不斷地躲貝里斯警方。 即使警方只是要把邁克菲帶來警局問話,這位偏執狂的百萬富翁,試圖變裝並逃出貝里斯。 邁克菲逃到瓜地馬拉,並躲在間衣櫥裡數周。同時還欲擒故縱的在網上宣傳自己的逃亡生活,吊警察胃口。並還讓記者來採訪他。 但邁克菲的行蹤被爆出是因一位Vice雜誌的記者,與他用哀鳳合照並還公開照片座標。邁克菲現面臨被驅逐出境的命運。

Cathay Pacific employee quits after coffee throwing rant

Thai Cathay Pacific flight attendant quits after coffee throwing rant

Thai Cathay Pacific flight attendant quits after threatening to throw coffee on VIP: A Cathay Pacific stewardess from Thailand quit her job after saying she wanted to throw coffee at Paetongtarn Shinawatra, daughter of former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The flight attendant, known only by her Facebook handle Honey Lochanachai, hates Thaksin. She said on Facebook that she became upset when she saw Paetongtarn’s name on the flight manifest. Honey Lochanachai fantasized about throwing coffee on Paetongtarn and called her “personal adviser” to ask if that was OK. Her adviser advised her that to do so would be illegal. “I could not work knowing the daughter of my enemy was on the plane,” Honey…

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Thai Cathay Pacific flight attendant quits after coffee throwing rant

一名泰國空姐,在對前泰國前總理么女貝東丹作出威脅言論後,被任職的國泰航空掃地出門。 這名自稱是蜜糖的空服員,對戴克辛恨之入骨,貝東丹的出現,更燃起她的怒火。蜜糖幻想把整壺咖啡澆在貝東丹頭上,但她的「個人顧問」卻不讓她這麼作。 她在臉書上寫到,”知道敵人的女兒在飛機上讓我無法工作”,”我原本跟另一個反戴克辛的同事計畫在飛機抵達香港前,在貝東丹面前臭罵她老爸”。”但我放棄了,我無法停止哭泣,因為我知道我們必須繼續跟”壞人”抗爭”。 生氣的蜜糖最終離開了國泰  =(