Marijuana Legalization 2012: Premium pot! YEAH!

Marijuana Legalization 2012 introduces premium pot! Alright!

Former Microsoft manager, Jamin Shively plans on launching a ‘Premium Marijuana’ business in Washington. Shively hopes to become the ‘Bill Gates of bud’ by pioneering the pot industry. After six years as a corporate strategy manager with Microsoft, Jamin Shively left the corporation for greener pastures. Three years later, he decided to get into the “premium marijuana” business. This may not surprise you, but Shively came up with the idea “after a few bong hits.” Shively sees great potential in the marijuana industry now that certain states, including Washington and Colorado, have legalized marijuana after the November elections. He wants to be the top “brand” in the marijuana industry. “By creating the category of premium…


Meet the ‘Bill Gates of bud’!!!

前微軟產品部經理傑門雪弗理,似乎成了「大麻界的比爾蓋茲」,因他開始賣頂級大麻。 在12月6號後,大麻在華盛頓州將正式合法化。但在聯邦法令中仍屬管制級藥品。 對於已在市面上的煙酒禁令,傑門似乎毫不憂心。他說他的頂級大麻可媲美「頂級干邑酒、白蘭地、及雪茄」。 無論如何,雪弗理仍愛注意其他大麻販售大咖來搶生意。 這頂級大麻的產業會是個很有錢途的未來嗎?留言跟我們說唄。

Bob Costas & gun control on Sunday Night Football

Costas called out after half-time gun control sermon

Bob Costas is being attacked for using his Sunday Night Football halftime segment to pontificate on gun control and Jovan Belcher, the NFL Kansas City Chiefs player who the day before the game shot the mother of his baby before turning the gun on himself. Quoting a column by sportswriter Jason Whitlock, Costas said, “‘‘If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and [girlfriend] Kassandra Perkins would both be alive today.’” Conservatives including former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain and National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre criticized Costas for mixing politics with sports. “You tune in for a football game and end up listening to Bob Costas spewing sanctimonious dreck,” Cain tweeted. In a podcast…

節目中討論槍枝管制 名主播惹爭議 

節目中討論槍枝管制 名主播惹爭議 

運動主播柯斯達茲闖了大禍,因為他上周居然在中場節目裡,自以為聰明的討論起槍殺女友後自殺的球員貝契,惹惱了廣大的槍枝持有者。柯斯達茲引述運動專欄作家惠特洛克的文章,說"如果貝契沒有槍,他跟他女友柏金斯今天都還是活的" 美國布槍協會首席執行官韋恩也抨擊柯斯達茲,政治體育傻傻分不清楚,不過這戲碼不是每天上演嗎? 就像邁阿密新時報提姆所指出的,這整件事最令人感冒的,其實是柯斯達茲避重就輕的態度 美國橄欖球聯盟現下的文化混合了腦震盪,止痛藥,與酒精,讓暴力衝突發生的機會越來越大。 順道一提,這樣的情況也幫像柯斯達茲這樣的人,賺進大筆鈔票。