Kate Middleton pregnant!?!?

Kate Middleton pregnant!?!? A.K.A the biggest news of 2012!

Kate Middleton is pregnant! Her pregnancy was officially announced earlier this week after acute morning sickness sent her to the hospital. We send our warmest congratulations to Prince William’s willy. Prince William of Wales and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge originally planned to make the pregnancy announcement around Christmas time, but a trip to the hospital pushed that date up to Monday afternoon. Kate’s acute morning sickness, also known as hyperemesis gravidarum, is often linked to an increase in the possibility of twins. Can the Brits handle news that exciting? Whether Kate and Will have twins or not, their child will be third in line as heir to the throne (if it is twins,…


OH MY GAH! Kate Middleton is preggerz!

凱特公主現經歷,超嚴重的害喜?!你知道這是意思蝦米:皇家BABY!! 這消息一傳出去,各家媒體失心瘋的以迅雷不及掩耳的速度,計算出這備受祝福的baby是何時受精的。 用高科技連北七都懂的計算方式,計算出這baby是在皇家銀禧之旅之後受精的。 全大英國協人民都對皇室家族將增添一名新成員不亦樂乎…ㄜ…幾乎每個人啦 你認為這個baby會是男生還是女生勒?留言跟我們說唄

Shock as UC Berkeley student shags on campus

Nadia Cho: Shock as UC Berkeley student has intercourse on campus

Nadia Cho, a student at the University of California, Berkeley, wrote about hooking up in the school’s library in a column for student newspaper the Daily Cal. Nadia Cho had sex with an unidentified male in the library and two other UC Berkeley buildings before Thanksgiving and wrote about it in her column for the student newspaper. Cho’s article was picked up by the intrepid reporters at the Daily Mail. Cho and her partner first had sex in the school’s library, where they were twice caught in flagrante delicto. The pair carried on in classrooms in two different buildings, where they had a role play session and left naughty messages on chalkboards. Cho’s stunt was…

柏克萊大學生 校園性探險

柏克萊大學生 校園性探險

金卡黛珊和抨擊少數族群的議題,終於從每日郵報的頭條消失了,因為他們總算找到有建設性的大新聞:柏克萊大學生在圖書館炒飯 曹(音譯)姓女大生與一名男子,感恩節前在校園中三個不同建築裡炒飯,還把過程撰寫成校刊專欄。兩人先在學校圖書館試水溫,沒想到兩次都被當場抓包。他們轉移陣地到教室裡,不但角色扮演,還在黑板上留下「淘氣」的訊息 曹女這個華麗的校園性探險,是受到報紙專欄文章「校園炒飯到底可不可行」的啟發 結果很明顯…在柏克萊還是沒問題的啦!