Fiscal Cliff 2013: Is the US doomed?

Fiscal Cliff explained: Today’s meeting last hope

President Obama and congressional leaders have until January 1, 2013 to find a solution to the looming fiscal cliff deadlock. January 1, 2013 marks the expiration of the 2010 Tax Relief Act, meaning an increase in taxes. The first of the year also is the start-date for spending cuts related to the Budget Control Act of 2011, or the act the brought a conclusion to the debt ceiling crises. So far, no one has been able to come up with an agreement to avoid pushing the country over this metaphorical “fiscal cliff”. Most discussions have involved extending the Bush tax cuts or amending the Budget Control Act of 2011, but the danger of increasing America’s…


Fiscal Cliff explained: Today’s meeting last hope

馬雅人的世界末日來了又走了。現在真正的世界末日才要到,那就是12月31號的美國財政懸崖! 總統歐巴馬及聯邦眾議院議長,約翰博納返回首府華盛頓,試圖要在最後一刻找到解決方案。但博納的共和黨黨羽卻毫不在乎。 這財政懸崖包括稅收高漲及財務縮減支出將在1月1號開始執行。稅收高漲後許多低收入戶會要付較多錢而好野人則須付更多稅。 預算縮減則是來自去年的預算控制法。這可增加1萬2千億美元。這是從國防及其他支出如健保縮減出來的。 專家說若跑出懸崖外,則會造成經濟不景氣,但懷疑論者則認為這一切都是用來提高收視率的幌子。 現在的談判呈現膠著狀態。美國的財政懸崖也似乎無法懸崖勒馬。但這一落真的會像預期的一樣,那麼慘嗎?留言跟我們說吧!

Tebow’s NFL career sabotaged by New York Jets


Tebow is finally standing up for himself after having an entire year of his NFL career wasted by coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets and his image tarnished by a series of malicious leaks to the media from within the Jets football organization. After leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs last season, Tim Tebow has been reduced to a bit player by Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, seeing only occasional playing time in the Jets’ Wildcat formation and, of all things, on the punt return team. This is much to the delight of Tebow haters in the media, who never understood how Tebow managed to win last year despite posting generally…

紐約噴射機的萊恩 搞爛了提波的橄欖球生涯

Tebow’s NFL football career sabotaged by New York Jets

當這季噴射機隊開打時,被爆出的四分衛大戰就是隊上美少男踢爆哥桑契斯,及新咖提姆提波的先發之爭。 說實在的,桑切絲,這一名從來都沒有努力激發,自己淺力的球員坐冷板凳。很理所當然,但竟然沒派提波,反倒派三線球員麥克艾洛瑞遞補。 不管你對提波有啥意見,他都不應該這樣被對待。提波投靠噴射機隊 放棄加入美洲虎隊。噴射機並用兩輪選秀權選他,全因噴射機隊老闆伍迪強森喜歡他。 但噴射機隊教頭雷克斯萊恩對提波很感冒,更不喜歡其他人教他怎麼管球隊。但有誰會選艾洛瑞,而不挑去年帶領丹佛隊打進季後賽的黃金球員哩? 你覺的萊恩應該要給提波一次出頭的機會嗎?留言跟我們說唄。

Sumo wrestling desperate to remain relevant in modern Japan

Sumo wrestling (funny): scandals, modern entertainment threaten ancient Japanese sport

The Japan Sumo Association is lowering its standards as fans abandon the ancient Japanese form of wrestling for other forms of entertainment. Match-fixing scandals, links to organized crime and the sport’s failure to produce a home-grown Japanese superstar in more than a decade have seen sumo’s popularity in Japan fall to an all-time low. The Japan Sumo Association is so desperate to attract new talent that it has lowered its recruiting standards, reducing height and weight requirements to attract new athletes. Last month, only one wrestler applied to take sumo’s entrance exam, meaning that only a total of 56 people took the test this year, the lowest figure in 54 years. Athletes who were too…

日本相撲協會招無人 標準大放水

scandals, modern entertainment threaten ancient Japanese sport

日本相撲協會招無人 標準大放水 日本相撲協會今年"新弟子"徵選人數創54年來新低,18歲的伊藤爆羅騎雖然身高不足,今天仍被放水過關。 參加徵選的選手因身高不足而作弊的例子,自古以來就常有,協會為了遏止歪風,還明文禁止選手將矽膠灌入頭皮裡增高。 相撲界醜聞頻傳、加上其他流行娛樂的夾攻,讓相撲近年對年輕人失去吸引力。相撲協會對徵選標準也越來越放鬆。 再照這樣下去,以後我們可能只能看熊相撲了。 既然相撲協會如此放水,要不要乾脆取消身高限制呢?相撲協會應該怎麼提升日本人對這個傳統運動的熱情呢?留言告訴我們吧。

Japan’s down with LDP: Shinzo Abe back as PM

Japan’s down with LDP: Shinzo Abe new PM after 2012 elections

Japan election 2012: Shinzo Abe, head of Japan’s conservative Liberal Democratic Party, today embarked on his second term as the island nation’s prime minister. Shinzo Abe returned to power after the LDP won around 300 seats in the 480-member parliament. Former prime minister Yoshihiko Noda and his Democratic Party of Japan were booted out by voters after failing to boost the economy. Noda was perceived as weak on foreign policy. Voters were also unhappy he proposed increasing the sales tax to lower the budget deficit. In Abe, Japanese voters chose a candidate who promised a more hawkish foreign policy and an inflationary economic policy. Abe has already threatened to enact legislation to weaken the yen…

安倍晉三回鍋首相 首要拼經濟 安定民心!?

Japan’s down with LDP: Shinzo Abe new PM after 2012 elections

安倍晉三回鍋首相 首要拼經濟 安定民心!? 日本自民黨總裁安倍晉三今天回鍋,第二次上台擔任首相。 安倍未上任就威脅日本央行,若達成通膨2%目標,不惜修法讓日圓貶值。日圓應聲跌到20月來新低。 印這麼多鈔票,日本人,我看你們也不用買衛生紙跟煤炭了,用日幣會不會更便宜? 競選時對外交跟國土議題態度強硬的安倍,選後瞬間變癟三。宣布明年不參拜靖國神社,更說要考慮加入TPP。 為努力扭轉自民黨形象,安倍宣布要增加各領域領導的女性百分比。但不受媒體喜愛的他,面前恐怕還有一場硬仗。 自民黨再次執政,你對日本未來感到有信心嗎?留言告訴我們吧