China-Japan island dispute: patriotic protests backfire

China-Japan island dispute: patriotic protests backfire on Beijing

Anti-Japan protests in China have spun out of control. China and Japan are locked in a territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku Islands if you’re Japanese). Leaders in Beijing have used the issue to fan nationalistic sentiments. But those protests have backfired on Beijing, with leaders losing control of the rioters they set loose. Rioters have targeted all things Japanese: turning over Japanese-made cars, burning Japanese-related businesses and even forcing Japanese-funded electronics companies to shut down production. Some rioters have used the opportunity for general looting and mayhem, targeting luxury retailers such as Rolex. Now, the protesters are discovering protests can be used for things other than expressing national pride, such as the desire…

反日本愛國主義之火 燒到中國自家門口

反日本愛國主義之火 燒到中國自家門口

中國和日本為了幾個鳥不生蛋的小島吵得面紅耳赤?吵什麼?這些島根本就是台灣的! 中國領導人不斷把領土糾紛搬上檯面,助燃這股愛國之火,可是眼下抗議已經變成全民暴動,連日本新指派的駐華大使西宮伸一,也覺得上西天比去北京好一點。 這次的經驗也讓抗議者嚐到甜頭,以後中國政府等著接招了!

Cathay Pacific Business Class: for perverts?

Cathay Pacific Business Class: designed for perverts?

Cathay Pacific Business Class: There is no other way to fly, especially on long-haul routes to Europe and the US. But has Hong Kong’s flagship carrier designed its Business Class section to accommodate perverts? On long-haul flights, it’s not uncommon to spot male passengers masturbating under their blankets as they recline in their flat-bed seats. A mirror located in the “privacy screen” conveniently warns passengers of approaching eyes. Nevertheless, such activity is easily spotted by other passengers, but Cathay Pacific flight attendants pretend not to notice. In fact, they even supply plenty of hot towels to facilitate clean up. The StudioCX inflight entertainment system provides visual stimuli in the form of uncensored content. ENGLISH:


Cathay Pacific Business Class: designed for perverts?

國泰航空 (Cathay Pacific) 的新商務艙是否是專為機上變態狂所設計的啊? 在長途航班上常會看到這個景象:男性乘客在機艙熄燈後,將座椅變成平躺狀態。新商務艙座位間的「隱私隔板」還配有鏡子,讓裡面乘客可以得知有誰看得到他。 不過再怎麼遮,做壞事還是能輕易地被其他乘客看得一清二楚,只是國泰空姐們都故意視而不見。 事實上,他們甚至提供超多的熱毛巾以便乘客事後好清理。 機上的 StudioCX 娛樂系統還提供了許多無分級制的視覺刺激。導致就算在經濟艙看兒童不宜的影集電影都會被鄰坐的乘客看光光。 也許國泰應該考慮將不同坐位所能看的也按照電影等級制劃分。 還有,商務艙的乘客:你若是有自慰需求,請移駕洗手間! 你認為國泰對高空自慰隊應該實行零容忍政策嗎?留言跟我們說吧!

Kate Middleton topless photos: the royals fight back

Kate’s Boobs vs. Tabloids: Who will win?

Poor Kate Middleton! Prince William’s wife was mortified after French magazine Closer published photos of her sunbathing topless. Luckily the Duchess of Cambridge has the royal family on her side and they are not going to go down without a fight. They’ve lawyered up and are planning on making a criminal complaint against the photographer who took the photos. Prince Harry’s naked mishap happened only weeks ago, but this is a whole new caliber of low. Not only was Kate on private property, but as many as 50 photographs of the princess in various states of undress were snapped and sold to the tabloids. Media outlets cannot help but relate this to Princess Diana’s deadly…



偷拍到英國皇妃凱特上空照的攝影記者表示,她當時是在一個很「顯眼的位置上裸」, 首先,法國《Closer雜誌》刊登凱特上空組圖,隨後愛爾蘭《Daily Star》八卦報立刻跟進, 由前義大利總理貝魯斯柯尼所辦的義大利《Chi雜誌》,下最後猛藥,刊登了多達26頁的跨頁報導, 相較於黛安娜王妃的緋聞,英國皇室對此事相當憤怒, 裸體或許在其他國家較被能接受,但這卻無法阻止英國人槓上媒體, 狗仔們不可能放過拍下皇室成員裸體照的機會,誰會是下一個勒?