MP Eric Joyce in bar brawl


Labour MP Eric Joyce has been charged with assault and suspended by his party after an alleged assault in a House of Parliament bar. Joyce was reportedly drunk and singing loudly in the commons Strangers Bar when he went beserk after being asked to quieten down. A fight then broke out during which Joyce allegedly headbutted and punched Tory MP Stuart Andrew.

Jeremy Lin: The Childhood years

Jeremy Lin: The Childhood Years

Jeremy Lin‘s parents emigrated from Taiwan to the United States in the 1970s. He was born in Los Angeles in 1988. Jeremy showed an interest in basketball at an early age. His grandma moved to the US to look after him while his parents worked. She said little Jeremy started playing basketball when just a toddler. Jeremy’s father is an avid basketball fan and would often play with the boys after work. Family friends described Jeremy as a naughty little boy who ran around like a little monkey. But his family’s strong faith in Christianity helped turn him into a well-behaved kid. Jeremy Lin joined Palo Alto High School‘s basketball team his freshmen year. But…

Friday Weather Girl: Mini

Friday Weather Girl:Mini

It’s rainy and gloomy in Taipei again. But Mini is here to make you feel better! Check out behind-the-scenes photos of Mini and the rest of the new, improved Weather Girls on their Facebook page. Watch more Weather Girls forecasts for the US and Taiwan on Next TV.