2012 US Election: Obama vs Romney Boxing Match!

The crazy Taiwanese animation studio that brought you the animated version of Obama-Romney presidential debate 2012: Mitt clobbers Obama is taking it to another level of craziness.

Not content with showing wacky re-creations of world events, Next Media Animation is now getting viewers into the action.

The “Obama vs Romney Boxing Faceoff” game, released in time for the US election, lets viewers feel the ‘deep affection’ the candidates have for each other. The interactive online experience lets anyone become either President Obama or Governor Romney for a satisfying smackdown of the opponent in a virtual boxing ring.

The “Obama vs Romney Boxing Faceoff” game is produced by Next Mobile in collaboration with Next Media Animation. It will be distributed on the NMA website www.NMA.tv; via the Apple Daily website; as well as on Apple Daily Hong Kong mobile applications for both iPhone and Android devices.

Digital content developed by Next Media Limited and its subsidiaries have been vastly popular across the online world, clocking over 1.5 billion page views a month.

Game 320x220 2012 US Election: Obama vs Romney Boxing Match! (Next Media Animation TV)